Whirling Desert (Studio Video)

Whirling Desert . A musical track who is composed by Iasonas Psarakis gonna be premiered at 10th September in Youtube . Stay Tune to feel and travel with this Universal Art.

A multicultural journey from Indian Classical Music to Baul Music to Persian Classical Music to Sufi Music

Music Composition by Iasonas Psarakis (Greece) Music & Video Art Production by Nikolas Gkinis (Greece ) Vocals by Ayu Shi ( India )

Poetry by Lalon Farkir Translation by Suman Majumdar

I don’t know how many days more This Innocent soul Will burn out Oh dear kindful lord, It will be forever Life is in fire of sorrow I am burning in. Always

  • Musicians Sitar, Turkish Rebab, Didgeridoo: Iasonas Psarakis ( Greece ) Ney: Bahram Deyjour ( Iran ) Kurdish Tanbour: Ador Hooyar ( Iran ) Synthesizer: Nikolas Gkinis ( Greece )

Camera: Aranya Bandyopadhyay – It’s Your Fm ( In Transit Art Exhibition- Kamala Kuthir –Kolkata , India) Ila Maa (Krishanagar, India) Ioanna Stathoulopoulou (Athens , Greece )