Whirling Desert (Official Video)

Whirling Desert . A musical track by Iasi Ensemble , composed by Iasonas Psarakis gonna be premiered at 10th September in Youtube . Stay Tune to feel and travel with this Universal Art.

A multicultural journey from Indian Classical Music to Baul Music to Persian Classical Music to the world of Contemporary Dance ,to the universe of choreographer Kehua Li (Lico Dance).

Music Composition by Iasonas Psarakis (Greece) Music & Video Art Production by Nikolas Gkinis (Greece ) Choreography – Dancing by Kehua Li “Lico Dance” (China ) Vocals byAyu Shi ( India )

Poetry by Lalon Farkir Translation by Suman Majumdar

I don’t know how many days more This Innocent soul Will burn out Oh dear kindful lord, It will be forever Life is in fire of sorrow I am burning in. Always

Musicians Sitar, Turkish Rebab, Didgeridoo: Iasonas Psarakis ( Greece ) Ney: Bahram Deyjour ( Iran ) Kurdish Tanbour: Ador Hooyar ( Iran ) Synthesizer: Nikolas Gkinis ( Greece )

Camera: Tuo Ji – Dancing by Kehua Li “Lico Dance” (China ) Aranya Bandyopadhyay – It’s Your Fm ( In Transit Art Exhibition- Kamala Kuthir –Kolkata , India) Ila Maa (Krishanagar, India) Ioanna Stathoulopoulou (Athens , Greece )

Studio Recording : Groova Studio – Sound Engineering / Mixing / Mastering: N. Gkinis (Athens , Greece) Studio Chilekothaa – Sound Engineering: Neel Sarkar ( Santiniketan , India)

Iasi EnsembleCollage illustration by Chaiti Nath