Suhaee Abro

Suhaee Abro’s journey in the world of dance began at the age of 7, where she started training in Indian classical dance, specializing in Bharatanatyam, and Pakistani folk dances under the guidance of Sheema Kermani. She continued her training with various teachers and completed a contemporary dance program at N.O.D (Nuova Officina Della Danza) in Turin, Italy. Since 2001, Abro has been performing in numerous shows across Pakistan, India, China, Germany, Italy, Nepal, United Kingdom, and Northern Ireland. Her performances encompass her own choreographic work, as well as collaborative performances with other dancers, musicians, actors, filmmakers, and writers.

Aside from dance, Abro has also acted in selective TV shows, music videos, and documentaries since 2004. She has been part of two feature films, with her work in “My Pure Land” being Britain’s submission for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 90th Oscar Awards. Currently, Abro is working on her third film in collaboration with a US-based production company, The Window. Since 2010, Abro has been teaching dance and conducting workshops on healing through dance. She is now primarily based in a town near Milan, Italy, and continues to work between Europe and Pakistan.

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