Kehua Li

Lico is from China Jinan .She started to dance at the age of 3, studied Chinese Classical Dance and Folk Dance before the age of 20, and then entered the dance group as a full-time Contemporary Dancer for 6 years. During the full-time period of regiment, she participated in a total of 30 large, medium and small works, and 5 personally created works, all of which were theater performances. She got in touch with ballet training, yoga, tai chi, Butoh and study toured to Israel and Paris. After leaving the dance group, in addition to the theater creation, she began to turn to the cooperation of independent art projects. Currently she is traveling around the world. She focuses on Chinese and Western cultural exchanges and cooperation, hoping to promote the integration and mutual influence of different art categories. Her work involves dance, painting, music, sculpture, vision, video and environmental art.

Experience Work

Dai Jian “Mo Dance Road” by Chinese artist in France Berlin musician Katrin Hahner video shooting “Kenichi & The sun”, collaboration with Japanese Butoh dancer Motoya Kondo. Turkish OMM Art Museum project opening performance, Polish-born German artist Karina Shigla-Bobinskin’s installation environmental art project “ADA”. Israeli photography cooperative artist Shimon Bokshtein collaborates on photography and camera works, and is currently producing the second video. American All Dance international teaching invitation. France Sokol’s “Little Prince” stage play world tour project, played as Little Rose. A video work of “The tear is dancing” by Vietnamese musician Alexandre Dai Castaing. French musician Anthone Rouchier Akappart created music excerpts for “Tomb”. Mexican musician Magos Herera video shooting work “Undiú”. Turkish musician Avin Erbey’s video work Lico’s body record after traveling. Chinese sculptor Xu Sheng, landscape art video “Isolated Island”. Japanese percussion musician Kunyoshi Yamada’s post-dance music experimental creation is still maintaining long-term online cooperation. The German painter Gabriel Schmitz collaborated on paintings and prototypes