Iasonas Psarakis

 Iasonas Psarakis is a Greek-born composer and musician of North Indian Classical and World music, soloist of Sitar, Esraj and many other world music instruments, presently based in Santiniketan, Kolkata, India and Crete, Greece.

His career spans from European classical to Middle Eastern Music and journeys through Hindusthani Classical Music under the guidance of his gurus: Ameena Perera (daughter of Ustad Ali Akbar Khan), Pandit Debi Prasad Chatterjee, Shiraz Ali Khan, Amie Maciszawski and Sabyasachida Sarkhel.

He graduated from Sangit Bhavan – Visva Bharati University (BMus-HCM- Sitar/performance arts, final grade A+) and is a holder of scholarships under ICCR India along with 4 other Indian Merit scholarships.

Iasonas published his first album “Clay” (2014), a music album which was recorded in Lebanon with elements of Indian Classical Music and sounds of Iran.

He has showcased his music in theatres, concert halls, auditoriums, collectives, cultural venues, street performances, radios, international music festivals and archaeological sites in : Greece, Egypt, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon, India, Italy, Bangladesh,Turkey, Italy.

In 2019 the world-renowned cultural organization “Bibliotheca Alexandrina” organized his first solo concert in Cairo, in the palace Beyt al Sinnari . He recently performed in the historical theatre “Apollon”(Ermoupolis) and Theocharakis B&M Foundation for the Fine Arts & Music in Greece.

Iasonas is also the founder and composer of the musical art collective “Iasi Ensemble” whose debut music album named “Astris”, produced by Nikolas A Gkinis, is going to be released soon and includes collaborations with esteemed musicians and artists from Iran, India, Greece, Pakistan and China.

Their track “Whirling Desert” ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9B1q2bKGm4 ) composed, orchestrated and directed by Iasonas, awarded (Best Music Arrangement) by the legend of guitar “Al Di Meola” at the Palm Beach International Music Awards and also awarded twice (Silver Award for Composition , Silver Award for Concept) by Global Music Awards . Also won 31 awards from recognized International Film Festivals and nominated 451 times . ( https://www.imdb.com/title/tt14388376/ )

In 2022, he composed music for a musical experimental film named “Missing Moments” and up to now, has been awarded by recognized international film festivals for his original music in this film eight times (Best Original Score – Soundtrack)

Iasonas is also a part of the musical “Hellenic Traditional Project”, produced by Nikolas A Gkinis.

Iasonas also collaborates with renowned international artists like Kehua Li ( Lico Dance),Suhaee Abro, Nikolas A Gkinis, Takis Loukatos, Rija Yousouf, Ador Hooyar and many others.

Most recently, he founded and curated the International “Independent Global Art Festival” and “Mukhti Bhoomi Festival”, both hosted by Hihiri Pipiri international Art Residency.