Bahram Deyjour

Bahram Deyjourian was born on 1972, in Hamedan, Iran. He started playing
Ney (Persian end-blown flute) under the supervision of Maestro Masoud
Freidooni, 1988. Then, Collaboration continuance with Milad music band
with supervision and composition of Maestro Masoud Freidooni as a Ney
player since 1990. Afterwards, he became Ney solist of Hamedan radio and
television since 1991.
In addition, he started to learn playing Piano and theory of music under the
supervision of Dr. Amir Shayanian, 1993.
Subsequently, he synchronized in various music bands in different styles and
cooperation with theater groups as a music player and composer.
All of these experiences led him to start busking and continuous journeys
and holding instructional workshops and numerous individual and collective
performances and concerts in Iran, Armenia, Afghanistan, Georgia, Turkey,
and Tunisia, and field research about world music since 2010.
Alongside traditional performing of Persian music in recent years, Bahram
Deyjourian has been always looking for experiencing companionship
between traditional modal and folk music with other nations music and also
western music; experiments like compilations fusion music and electronic
experimental, jazz and folk.
In addition to playing the Ney and singing, he is also familiar with playing
other instruments such as wind instruments including, Bamboo saxophone,
Clarinet, local Flutes. Also, some other instruments such as Setar, Tanbur
and Jew’s harp.
However, he has also been active in numerous festivals that some of them
are including,
Fajr International Music Festival with Milad Band, 1993.
Zibakenar Audio and Video Production Festival, 1994.
Balans Festival (rhythm & dans) Hizirkamp, Turkey, 2015.
A Corner in the World (music festival),Turkey, 2015
Experimental Music Festival, Tehran, Iran, 2016.
Mesopotamia International Circus and Street Arts Festival, 2012
and 2016.
Rouhaniyet (sufy music festival), Tunes, 2018.
These achievements has made Bahram’s Ney playing style a unique and different